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The Chilli Experience – Hot Sauce Making Kit Review The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce, as many of us know already, is one way that a Chillihead can get a quick fix of their favourite kinds of food. It’s a quick and easy fix to an otherwise bland meal. There are of course lots of sauces out there for you to buy, however there are some of us that want to try and have a go at making our own.

After a little research some can find this a little daunting, especially for someone who just wants a quick go at it. It’s not that it’s especially hard, it’s just the sheer amount of choice of recipes and methods can leave you scratching your head.

And this is where the Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit comes in.

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The 2017 Grow has begun! Windowsill Propagators

Well. I’m not off to the best start with Blogging this year, two weeks into the New Year and not one post? Tch! I’m an Amateur.

Oh yeah, I am 😀

Anyhows – I’m proud to announce that on the 1st of January this year I got my sow on!

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Chilli at Work Update Chilli Plant at Work

So, towards the end of the season last year I was trying to work out how I was going to save my Chilli Plants, I’d only started late with them and they hadn’t really done much. I’d heard of ‘Over Wintering’ your plants but I was beseiged by Aphids in the house and Mrs. Diaries was getting less patient about it. So, I took one to work

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Wait, there’s more… Windowsill Propagator

So, the day before I got my wife bought me the Electric Propagator I’d actually picked up a bog standard normal Windowsill Propagator, not for an experiment or anything, I didn’t even realise what it was properly – I just thought it’d be good for putting some more seeds in and didn’t see it had a lid until I got home. I was in the garage earlier, and I saw it staring at me. Feeling all sorry for itself that it had no seeds to grow for me… Well, what else could I do?

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Nature vs. Propagator Stewart Garden Propagator

So, once again my wife has played an ace card in my hobby and very kindly bought me a Propagator after I’d uhhmed and ahhhed about getting one this year. Most of my deliberation had been around if they worked or not, so, I decided to run a little experiment!

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Under attack! White fly on Scotch Bonnet Plant

Well. Damn. Day off work today, long weekend with the Mrs. as it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow. Didn’t have much planned bar a meal to celebrate the event in the evening, but it was a good excuse to spend a long weekend together as we normally do.

Never did I think I’d be going to WAR!

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Start a Blog, go on holiday :/ Demon Red

So, I start my blog and then bugger off on holiday… Not the best start, and, one of the reasons I didn’t “make it public” if I’m honest.

We’re off on a family holiday, but my eldest Daughter is having a week of peace and quiet at home, so she is going to be in charge of all things Plant related. Much to her horror 😉

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