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The Chilli Experience – Hot Sauce Making Kit Review The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce, as many of us know already, is one way that a Chillihead can get a quick fix of their favourite kinds of food. It’s a quick and easy fix to an otherwise bland meal. There are of course lots of sauces out there for you to buy, however there are some of us that want to try and have a go at making our own.

After a little research some can find this a little daunting, especially for someone who just wants a quick go at it. It’s not that it’s especially hard, it’s just the sheer amount of choice of recipes and methods can leave you scratching your head.

And this is where the Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit comes in.

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Home Made Chilli Grinder Sliced Chillies for Oven Drying

So, I’d got a lot of Chillies left over from my recent purchase of super hots, no matter how much I wanted to use them all in Chillies and Curries, it wasn’t ever going to happen. A few of them are already starting to go, well, squishy.

Time to think of something else to do with them.

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Chilli-Con-Carne Recipe – “Original Chilli” Chilli Peppers

This is the recipe for my famous (yeah, right) Chilli Recipe that I made for a long time.  Actually, to clarify, it’s the one I took with me to a Chilli Cook Off, before this, there was no ‘recipe’, just stuff I added.

It’s pretty tasty as it stands, however feel free to use it as a base to expand upon – I’d love to hear comments on it from those that make it, good, or bad 🙂

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