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Polytunnel vs. Storm Emma Polytunnel vs. Storm Emma

And, so, once again. Yet again. I find myself in the postion of pretty much wondering why I bother. My growing attempts with little pieces of plastic.

They never seem to go well. And this year is already shaping up to the same as every other. Yes,  yes – Thanks to Storm Emma, my Polytunnel proved itself to be just as suscepitble to the elements as every practically every other greenhouse I’ve owned.
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Gardman 08732 Polytunnel review Gardman 08732 Polytunnel

Being an Urban Gardner I’m kind of limited to what I can grow, or how I can grow at least. Worst still, my back garden is paved with just a border of soil. Since I’ve been growing I’ve been using Plastic Greenhouses, as the strap line says; I got a Greenhouse for my 40th Birthday and these are my adventures with it.

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