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The 2017 Grow has begun! Windowsill Propagators

Well. I’m not off to the best start with Blogging this year, two weeks into the New Year and not one post? Tch! I’m an Amateur.

Oh yeah, I am 😀

Anyhows – I’m proud to announce that on the 1st of January this year I got my sow on!

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Mid August Update Purple Jalapeno Chilli

Well, we’re getting to the back end of the season now, if you can call it a season with the way “Summer” has been this year, let’s see how we’re getting on. And by “we” I mean me as it’s my site 😛

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Mid June Update Repotted Chilli Plants

Well. We’re half way through June, and I guess, half way through the year as well! I’m still potting on plants from seeds I planted in January but I’m in a way better place with my plants than I was this time last year!

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And, sow it begins again… New Chilli Army

Did you see what I did there? No? Never mind…

OK, January is here, time to get this years crop ready for, well. I would say my Greenhouse but let’s not bring that back up… I will however be growing Chillies, one way or another.

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