Review: Devon Chilli Man – Smack m’ Peach Up.

Smack m’ Peach Up is everything you need to know about a Hot Sauce in one, unrelenting name. You get a Devon Chilli Man, a Peach; show it some honey and then you smack it around a bit with a Jay’s Peach chilli till it’s hot. The result? Well, let’s find out!

Before we start, if you’re like me you’re going to be wondering; – “Jay’s Peach? Who is this Jay? And why does he have a Peach?  Is it actually James and the Giant Peach?”. Well, no.

(And, yes. That is a little disappointing, I know.)

It seem’s this Jay is reclusive as they come, and is simply known as Jay. There really isn’t a lot to find on him / her other than that they’re a farmer in Eastern Pennsylvania in the U.S.

The chilli itself is a cross between a Bhut Jolokia and a Trinidad Scorpion, Apparently it was created using the light shades of red Bhut Jolokia and a Pink Scorpion.

But we’ll leave that to the Chilli Alchemists.

I’m going to assume everyone knows what a peach is, and honey so let’s get back on to the sauce.

Devon Chilli Man Smack m' Peach Up Hot Sauce

It’s not hard to guess that main part of this story involves Peaches, but what else does it bring to the party? Well, other ingredients in the sauce include Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Salt and “Various Spices”. And, probably a little bit of magic.

First thing I’ve got to say? If you’re a “sniffer” then, you’re in luck. Take the cap off the bottle, put your nose to the bottle and inhale deep. You won’t be sorry. Smack m’ Peach Up smells just divine. The peach and honey aroma tantalise your nose with it’s sweet, sweet smell.

The sauce itself is nice and thick. I like a thick sauce so immediate plus points from me there. The best news? It tastes exactly how it smells, thankfully. The sweet peach licks your tongue lovingly shortly before the Jays Peach Chilli smacks you in the face. It doesn’t even apologise for it. Yup, it’s got a kick too it, of that there is no mistake. It’s pretty much instant as well. None of this slow build up of heat, it’s just there, right in your face.

There is a slight bitterness to the aftertaste, it’s not a bad thing, at all. It’s just, there. If you’ve experience with the hotter end of the scale and you won’t mind it. Hell, even it you’ve not you won’t mind it.

The one thing I do know? It doesn’t stop you wanting more instantly.

The very first day I got the sauce in the post was luckily enough, takeaway night. I almost always go for a Mexican pizza and this night was no different. And, coincidentally, a perfect excuse to use my new hot sauce. And, let us think about this for a minute or two. Peaches, on a pizza? It’s not right, really. Is it?

Smack m'Peach Up and Pizza

Despite reservations, I wasn’t shy with it, I gave the first slice a good old splash and got stuck in. It was, well. Gorgeous.

It was only when I’d finished the Pizza I realised what my actual problem was with it. I’d used a third of the bottle…

So, Peaches on a Pizza? Well, yeah. This time it is. Though, in all fairness I’ll probably never, ever, actually ask for a Peach on a Pizza… Why would you? :-/

Friday at work is bacon day. There is a  shop near to where I work, Lathams, that sells some of the best bacon butties known to man. Bar none. Well, at least within a 20 mile radius. Possibly further. I occasionally work with people who have a two hour drive that say it’s worth coming just for the bacon. So, yeah. It’s good stuff.

I always go for a bacon, sausage and cheese combination. It’s three of my  favourite food groups all in one place. All done to perfection. Rarely would I say it could be made better. But it was a challenge I reckoned Smack m’ Peach Up could take on.

I took the bottle to work, offering it around to anyone else who’d want it. Not going to lie, didn’t really want to do, but we do these things, right?

A couple of people tried it and liked it but nobody else was willing to throw it on their sandwich. A fellow chilli head actually loved it but said the rocket to the heat was too much. A couple of other people tried it out of curiosity. Almost everyone had time to say “Oh, that’s nice” before the heat hit and their expression changed accordingly. Smack m’ Peach Up had charmed them nicely before having it’s wicked way with them.

Dinner time came and off to the canteen I went. A near perfect example of the perfect sandwich awaited me. I lifted the lid and drew a nice line of sauce down the middle.

Smack m'Peach Up on Bacon Butty

It was, sublime. The cheese helped to cut the heat out a little, but not by a lot. You are still very aware that you’ve got hot sauce in your mouth. The peach and honey works surprisingly well with the meat. It’s certainly not an obvious combination and I was a little dubious about that one myself. One thing I’ve discovered is that there aren’t many hot sauces that don’t mix well with meat, no matter what their base.

I was soon to discover that Smack m’ Peach Up was pretty much perfect in accompanying most things I tried it on, I was surprised with just how much the taste of peaches went with actually. It was a bit of an education.

In the ultimate test to see just how much it could improve food I decided that I’d give it a challenge. A vending machine Ciabatta from the machine at work. I know. Don’t judge me, I was starving.

It was Tuna Salad. As it goes, they aren’t *that* bad. But still.

Smack m'Peach Up Salad

It did of course, save the day. Or, save the sandwich at least. Smack m’Peach Up had taken on the challenge and embraced it. I could safely add Tuna to the list of things this sauce could improve.

Then. The inevitable happened. I ran out. I was right. The bottle hadn’t lasted long. At all.

Empty Smack m' Peach Up Bottle

The delicousness was all gone. It was no more. I had actually discovered something bad about this sauce in the process. There simply wasn’t enough of it in one bottle.

It took me less than an hour to order more.

And that has been the default ever since. Rarely has this sauce been out of my cupboard, And, in fact on my last order I ordered one for home and one for my drawer at work, just in case.

I find myself loving the perfect taste and heat combination, I probably use too much of the sauce each and every time I used it but. I don’t care. It’s delicious and more importantly, I have no regrets. None. I’d probably use an intravenous drip if I could.

Well. Maybe one regret, when I saw it drip from anything I couldn’t in all decency lick it up from.

If you like Peaches, if you like honey and you like your hot sauce and you’re not tried this yet then you’re doing yourself a misdeed and I recommend you change that as quickly as humanly possible.

Actually, if you just enjoy taste this is for you.

If you’d also like to become an addict to this sauce then you can click > HERE < and you’ll be transported to a crack den.

Uhm. I mean the Devon Chill Man website.

I think. I imagine there not being a lot of difference :-/

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