Review: Devon Chilli Man – Devon 7

Devon 7? A strawberry based hot sauce from the Devon Chilli Man you say? Well, I’ll have some of that! After discovering the Devon Chilli Mans peach sauce, Smack m’ Peach Up was just as delicious as I’d hoped I was soon back on his website looking for more tasty treats for my taste bud.
It wasn’t long before Devon 7 was in my basket. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of strawberries in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them or anything. They’re quite nice and I do grow them alongside my chilli plants. But, they’re mostly for Mrs. Diaries and the kids. I’ll occasionally pull one off and eat it, but that’s it.

I wasn’t wary about buying this one, I’d again heard good things said about it but I wasn’t as excited about it as much as I was Smack m’ Peach Up either.

The order arrived as quickly as it ever does and I was instantly curious. Strawberries? Really?

Devon Chilli Man Devon 7 Hot Sauce

I unscrewed the cap and took a deep smell of the bottle. Yes. Strawberries. Curiosity definitely peaking I did the old finger on top of the bottle, tip upside down and get a drop on your finger thing.

Popping the finger on my tongue, yup – Definitely strawwoaaaaahberry. Yup, definitely a Devon Chilli Man hot sauce. This being my third one now, you’d think I’d have learnt. He doesn’t mess about, he’ll let you taste something delicious before sending the napalm in.

It’s probably the least hot sauce I’ve had from Devon Chilli Man so far. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for those that can’t take their heat, but it’s not that bad either. Though, I’ve learnt that my tolerance for this stuff can’t exactly be trusted much these days anyways, so read into that what you will.

As you’d expect from the strawberry base, it is quite sweet not too sweet that you don’t like it, it has a little tangy bitter aftertaste to it as well which helps. It’s also not as thick as the others I’ve had from Devon Chilli Man, it was a little runny actually, I like my sauce thick but given the taste of this I shall forgive it this time.

Looking at the side of the bottle at the ingredients, alongside the strawberries we have; Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Lucky Seven Chillies, Gibbering Idiot Chillies, Black Pepper and Sea Salt.

I can’t say that I’ve had Lucky Seven chillies on their own, but I have had the Gibbering Idiots from the hot boxes Devon Chilli Man sells when they’re in season and they make for a delicious Chilli when melted in to the sauce.

After a couple more tastes of it I was more than satisfied that I’d made a good life decision with Devon 7 and pretty soon it was sat in my cupboard waiting for something I could have with it. And, as always. That didn’t take long.

In what is becoming known in my head as “The Pizza Test” we ordered in a pizza. In the interest of science I went with the Mexican the local shop offers. I wouldn’t want to taint any results.

Or confuse the poor bloke on the phone when I order something else [ahem].

ANYWAYS. Pizza bought, Devon 7 applied to the first slice. Now, I’ll stop you right there. I know what you’re thinking. Strawberries on a pizza? Strawberries?

Devon 7 Hot Sauce

Yes. Strawberries. Get over it.

Done? Good.

I stared at the sauce as I was moving my pizza up to my mouth. Yes, strawberries. On a pizza. OK. Not going to lie, I did wonder if this was a good idea.

I didn’t have, it was, of course, delicious. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but the sauce just worked. In amongst all the ground beef, the pepperoni, the red onions, the fresh chillies and the garlic there was a little river of Devon 7 working it’s magic. It’s sweet, but delicious, magic.

Turns out that strawberries on a pizza are actually a good idea after all, who knew? I don’t think I’ll be putting any actual strawberries onto a pizza anytime soon, but this sauce will definitely see some more pizza.

As is also becoming the norm it was soon time to introduce Devon 7 to a few of my other favourite foods, Bacon, Sausage and Cheese. All laid out on a nice soft baton.

And, yes, I’m not going to lie – The thought did occur to me again if I was doing the right thing but I was calmed somewhat by the knowledge that the sauce had worked with the pizza and I dove in with both feet first.

Devon Chilli Man Devon 7 Hot Sauce on Bacon

As it turns out I wasn’t the only one with misgivings about putting strawberries on bacon. I got some, interesting, looks when I produced the sauce and mentioned what it was. It seems it’s OK to put strawberries on strange things in the comfort of your own home, but in the work canteen it’s going to raise an eyebrow or two…

The gamble paid off, again, it also married well! I was beginning to wonder why I’d left it so late in life to try these things. Just think of all the foods that I’ve not enhanced with fruity hot sauce.

My obvious enjoyment of bacon and strawberries piqued a little interest around the table and soon others where diving in as well. There was no regret from anyone. In fact, the only regret was mine as it turned out they liked it a little too much and sheepishly handed me back an almost empty bottle. To be fair at least one of those people went home and ordered their own bottle so I shouldn’t complain too much, if my job that day was to spread the Devon 7 love then it was done (I should probably point out that another three people eventually ordered a bottle).

Now that the bottle was back in my possession, and more importantly, back at home my thoughts started to turn to strange ideas again.

As I am pleasantly surprised by how well the meat and strawberries thing had worked. Normally you’d associate a strawberry sauce with ice cream, right?

Yes friends, I’m going there.

Devon 7 Hot Sauce on ice cream.

Devon Chilli Man Devon 7 Hot Sauce on Ice Cream

Was this going to be another questionable decision? Well. No, not really.

It is quite an odd thing to get used to. When it’s in your mouth, it’s fine and tastes pretty much as you’d expect. The sweetness of the ice cream enhances the tangy flavourings of the sauce, sometimes it got a little much briefly and I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but then that went away and it was nice again.

It was also a bit strange having cold ice cream in my mouth while my lips where tingling from heat.

Would I do it again? Yes. Yes, I think I would. With anything else other than Devon 7? Uhm. Perhaps not. No. Maybe another like minded sauce. After I’d had this I briefly entertained the idea of trying it Smack m’ Peach Up as well but I reasoned that would be a little too sour to try.

It would seem as though the Chilli Man from Devon has another spot reserved in my hot sauce cupboard, and a few other peoples as well.

Devon 7 truly is delicious, no matter what you do with it.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Devon Chilli Man – Devon 7

  1. Steve Guth

    Hm. Very interesting combination; strawberry and chilli. I would love to taste and I would def put it on my pizza! Some pungency and sweetness to the salty cheese. I am hungry now. Thanks for your funny and engaging writing.

    1. Paul Speight Post author

      It’s delicious Steve, you should check out the Smack m’Peach Up as well if you find yourself placing an order, that one I have a proper problem for – Very. very moreish!

      Thanks for the kind comments as well 🙂


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