Chilli-Con-Carne Recipe – “Original Chilli”

This is the recipe for my famous (yeah, right) Chilli Recipe that I made for a long time.  Actually, to clarify, it’s the one I took with me to a Chilli Cook Off, before this, there was no ‘recipe’, just stuff I added.

It’s pretty tasty as it stands, however feel free to use it as a base to expand upon – I’d love to hear comments on it from those that make it, good, or bad 🙂

This is the Chilli I’ve made the most, the one modified from my friends original recipe if you’ve been following the blog. (and if you don’t I refer to chilli-con-carne as simply Chilli, just in case you’re wondering) There isn’t anything fancy, or complicated to do here – I typically use meat I get from the local farmers market type place, Heskin Hall, the beans, tomatoes and passata are normally store band – No need for anything fancy as we’re going to be adding our own flavours.

The spices I use are as authentic as I can easily get, better quality, and cheaper than super markets (that said – top tip, the World Food aisles in super markets can be treasure troves!). Typically my spices come from East End Foods and Rajah Spices (their site seems to be broken at the time of writing, you can get these from most ASDA’s though).

Be warned though, with things like Chilli Powder (especially the hot version), they are much more potent than you’d get from say, Schwarz or stores own brands.

Let’s just say I learnt that lesson the hard way 😉

What you’ll need:

  1. 500g Mince Meat
  2. 1 x Tin Baked Beans (I’m not a huge fan of kidney beans)
  3. 1 x 50g Tin Chopped Tomatoes
  4. 1 x 500g Passata
  5. Chorizo (I use the diced kind you can get in supermarkets)
  6. Salami (I get the sliced kind)
  7. 1 Large Onion
  8. 1 Red Pepper
  9. 1 Green Pepper
  10. 5 Cloves of Garlic
  11. Chillies (Use your own judgement on this with quantity and type, see below)
  12. Two Beef OXO Cubes
  13. Cumin Powder
  14. Chilli Powder
  15. Hot Chilli Powder (to your own tastes)
  16. Paprika
  17. Smoked Paprika
  18. Salt
  19. Black Pepper
  20. Soft Brown Sugar

Going back to the Chillies, I said to use your own judgement, I like my food hot. Really hot. If you’re someone that can take a hot chilli then by all means use them. Typically, I use about 150g of ‘normal’ chillies (again, like you’d get from the supermarket) and then add others depending on what I’ve got in or what mood I’m in Scotch Bonnet or Naga typically. The only ones I don’t consider using are finger chillies as I find them to add quite a bitter taste, again though, that’s down to preference!

Chilli Peppers


  1. Finely dice the onion
  2. Roughly slice the peppers
  3. Chop up the garlic cloves
  4. Chop the chillies
  5. Cut the Salami into smaller pieces
  6. Open the lid of the diced chorizo 😉

Chilli Preperation


  1. Put the mince meat, chorizo, garlic and onions in to a wok (or, any large pan) and turn the heat to full, fry till meat sealed and onions are soft
  2. Crumble in the two OXO cubes and stir till they’ve disappeared
  3. Throw in a handful of salami and stir in (be careful not to let them clump together)
  4. Add in the two peppers and cook till they’ve softened a little
  5. Stir in a another handful of salami (be careful not to let them clump together)
  6. Next, add the chillies and turn down the heat to low and stir in
  7. And, another handful of salami (again, be careful not to let them clump together)
  8. Add the baked beans, stir into the mix
  9. Time for another handful of salami (you don’t need telling what to do again, right?)
  10. Add the chopped tomatoes, stir into the mix
  11. More salami for the mix
  12. Next comes the Passata – But don’t stir in just yet!
  13. Add 5 tea spoons of Cumin (I used good, heaped tea spoons full for all of these)
  14. Add 3 tea spoons of Chilli Powder (again, depending on taste)
  15. Add 1 tea spoon of Hot Chilli Powder (if you want)
  16. Add 3 tea spoons of Paprika
  17. Add 3 tea spoons of Smoked Paprika
  18. If you’ve any Salami left, thrown that in, and for the final time – Make sure it doesn’t clump together
  19. Turn the heat back up…
  20. … And stir! – You want all of those lovely spices and flavours to disappear into your sauce!
  21. Add salt and pepper to your preference, I just normally sprinkle a little over of both and stir in.

And you’re done!

Well, almost – The more observant among you will now be thinking “What about the sugar?”. This is again, down to taste.

If you give your Chilli a taste while it’s still in the pan, and it’s how I’d make it, you’re going to get a kick of heat – Now, what’ll come after that is the after taste, or, the burn.

Depending on what Chillies you’ve used, this can be quite bitter and make the heat seem more intense, it might even take the taste of the Chilli away, and we don’t want that!

If you find that’s the case then you’re going to want to add some sugar, this will take that after taste away but leave the heat in place for you.

Typically I don’t use a lot, I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing which chillies I like the taste of, and how they taste – The best advice I can give you at this point would be to add half a tea spoon at a time, stir in well and re-taste it. Keep going until you’re happy with that after taste.


And, now you’re done!

I typically serve mine in tortilla wraps with grated cheese, but it’s also good with rice or over the top of baked potatoes – However you’d normally eat your Chilli I guess!

If you make this, I’d love to hear about it and your thoughts, good or bad – I can take it, I got some surprising comments when I made it for the cook off (third place) so all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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