Next years Chilli plan

So. While it’s sad that some of my plants are reaching their natural end, there is some good news on the horizon…

… I get to plan for next year when, in theory at least, I should be better at this.

So, I got on eBay, found me some Chilli Seeds and this is what I ended up with;

Next Years Crop

So, from left to right, top to bottom I’ve got…

Caloro, Habanero Peach, Cherry Bomb, Fatali, Filius Blue, Cayenne Purple, Bulgarian Carrot (All from Chilli Heaven), Lemon Drop, Basket of Fire, Scorpion (from Premier Seeds Direct), Yellow Devils Tongue, White Bhut Jolokia, Carolina Reaper and uhm, well, Peter (AKA Penis) Chilli (all from past-prices)

(Some of those links are better than others, sorry if you reach a duff one!)

I didn’t really have a plan of which ones I wanted before I went in, apart from the Scorpion and Carolina Reaper which I’ve heard a lot about, obviously.

I quite liked the way the Masquerade Chilli grew out with different colours this year, and I think it may have influenced me to go towards a colour variety more than anything.

I’ll be in the kitchen at some point soon deseeding some of the Chillies I’ve grown this year, hoping to grow them again next year, especially the afore mentioned Masquerade and the Chenzo as well. Obviously I’ll be wanting some Scotch Bonnet and Naga seeds as well.

Won’t lie, kinda tempted to plant some now, but there isn’t a lot of point really, I couldn’t keep them warm.

Saying that, I planted some Komodo Dragon seeds I got from some that I tried in a curry a few weeks ago, two of five have sprouted so far – I can’t see them doing much more, but, shows that stuff is still willing to grow at least!


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