March – Time to sow those seeds! If you’ve not already…

It’s March – Time to get those seeds in the ground folks! Oh, wait. I already did that. Guess that’s what happens when you’ve no patience. But, even if I was early it’s a good time to talk a little look at where I’m up to and if I need to do anything.
Which I do. I’ve not had as much success as I’d have liked this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not done badly but some of the plants I *really* wanted have let me down. Scotch Bonnets for example. I love Scotch Bonnets. I got into growing Chillies on the back of wanting Scotch Bonnets and have so far had zero success with them.

Even when I thought I did last year, they turned out to be Bishops Crown.

Bishops Crown

I’ve had seeds from three different sources now, and, nothing. I’m not putting this down to the suppliers, nah, it’s just my bad luck I think. Or, impatience. I wouldn’t mind so much but they’re supposed to be among the easiest to grow.

So. Where am I up to then? Well.

As was probably expected by everyone who saw me putting seeds in dirt in January, I’ve had some leggy seedlings. To be fair, of the 84 plants I’ve got, only 36 I’ve had to bury in deeper pots to help support them; 48 are just fine. So, just under half then.

Not that they appreciated my efforts, the plants I’m growing from the seeds Marks Veg Plot sent me looked a little sad for a while…

Transplanted Seedlings

As did the ones OJChillies sent me…

Transplanted Seedlings

They soon bounced back though, don’t worry!

Well, I say don’t worry but the Martinique has a rather strange leaf;

Martinique Chilli Double Leaf

It seems to have doubled up on itself. I’ve personally not seen this before, but, for some weird reason since I noticed this I’ve seen two other people reporting the same thing!

My seedlings are doing well for the most part. I’m glad I’m able to take some learnings from last year. It was around this time I was trying to “fix” my Fish chilli seedlings, they had a “problem”.

Fish Chilli Seedling Leaves

The edges of the leaves look like they’re going yellow, normally a sign of nutrient deficiency somewhere along the way such as magnesium or nitrogen. I spent way too long last year trying to sort the leaves out, only to find out that it’s actually perfectly normal!

The fish chilli leaves can actually look quite broken.

Fish Chilli Leaves

The fruit grow the same as well;

Fish Chilli Fruit

All quite normal!

Germination this year? Well. As I mentioned, it hasn’t been brilliant, going to have to say. Out of total of 198 seeds I’ve gotten the aforementioned 84 plants. That leaves me at 42% Quite bad really.

All hope isn’t quite lost yet, one of seeds I planted back on 1st January sprouted a few days ago. A Purple Jalapeno, nearly two months before it popped!

Purple Jalapeno Seedling

I’m blaming myself for the low germination, I know I wasn’t supposed to plant seeds so early. The temperatures on my windowsills have been all over the place because of the weather, that won’t have helped anything!

With that in mind, and it being when you’re *supposed* to plant seeds, I broke out my Electric Propagator.

Fresh soil, new seeds. And a bit of heat. What can go wrong this time?

Two more of each seed I *really* want, including Purple Jalapeno as they where my favourite from last year.

In other news, Stumpy has properly woken up now!

Stumpy Flower 2017

Flowering already! And, so far, he’s not dropped any, or, any leaves! Really hoping that he’s going to come good this year. But, I’m not holding my breath!

As we’re heading into the throws of March I’m hoping to see some proper progress soon. Hopefully the seedlings will buckle down and grow some more. Except for the ones I’ve had to repot already for getting leggy. They can calm themselves down.

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