Leggy Seedlings and dealing with them

One of the problems with planting seeds as early as I did this year is that technically it’s not warm enough or light enough to be starting to grow things. I’m lucky in that I’ve good size windowsills that have radiators under them so I generally get away with it. But this year I’ve run into a small problem. Leggy seedlings.

Leggy Seedlings

You get leggy seedlings for all kinds of reasons; not enough light, no moisture in the soil or too much heat are the normal worries.

I’ve no real clue what the problem is with these, most of my other seedlings are just fine but the ones in this corner seem to be in some kind of competition for growing the quickest. Some of them are literally scraping the top of the propagator, already!

It’s actually early enough in the year to just start again with these, but, I like to do my little experiments with these things and so I thought I’d try and do something with them instead.

As I said, I’ve no real idea why they’ve done this. I spray water on them every other day. The light must be OK or the others would have done the same. And again, the heating must be OK or they’d have all done this.

So, I decided to bury them up to their leaves as though I would if I was potting on from seedlings normally.

Buried Leggy Seedling

This will apparently promote root growth from the stem and help give the plant a better chance of growing normally.

It was a delicate operation for sure, I’m well aware that these are fragile little things and some haven’t even got their second leaves yet. But, I was careful and I took my time with them, so, hopefully they’ll be OK.

It’s also best to note that you leave plenty of room to water them. The leaves need to be a good inch or so above soil; you might drown them otherwise.

Replanted Leggy Seedlings

When I had done them all I put them back on a different windowsill to give them all the help I could.

Fingers crossed they’ll be OK!

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