Enter The (Komodo) Dragon (Chilli)

So, unless you’ve been living under some kind of rock, in space, you’ve probably heard of the newest Chilli sensation, The Komodo Dragon. It claims to be the hottest Chilli, commercially grown, in the UK and easily available from Tesco.

Of course, this got every self respecting Chilli fan in all of a tither, and I, like most others trundled off to our local supermarket on the way home.

Komodo Dragon Chilli

Yup, a whole 15g of Chilli for £1.00 – For “our safety” of course.

Upon posting that picture on Facebook my wife immediately told me her version of Chilli was “fine as it was” (she has a vegetarian (Quorn instead of mince). My eldest daughter just said “No” :/

Of course, I ignored and her made my Chilli anyways, ignoring the “use sparingly” claim as I always do with these things 😉

Got to say, I was a little underwhelmed after eating it – Sure, there was a kick but nothing worse than I’d had before. The supposed “delayed” heat was there, sure it made me feel a little, toasty but nothing I couldn’t handle, can’t really say I felt the “up to 1.4 million Scoville units” the claims the papers made, yes, it was hot – Not going to sit here and type that it wasn’t, but, nothing most of us who like Chillies couldn’t handle :/

I did a little taste test with a sliver of it before I sent the rest hurling into my Chilli, didn’t taste unlike a Scotch Bonnet to be honest, I’ve got a feeling that this owes his heritage to that plant a lot. I’m not experienced enough to guess what else it’s been crossed with, especially as the Scotch Bonnet was an instant taste hit.

I’ll use them again no doubt, if they weren’t so expensive I’d happily make a hot sauce with one as well to see how that turned out.

But, well, I do grow Chillies, or, at least I’m trying to do – Might as well take a little of their seedfull bounty, right? 😉

Komodo Dragon Seeds

I honestly couldn’t help myself and planted a couple of these, I know it’s way late in the year but the temptation was too strong. An interesting experiment if nothing else 🙂

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