Review: Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce – Jeepers Reapers Revenge

Jeepers Reapers Revenge is a sauce I’ve had my eye on for a while if I’m honest. I first came across Daddy Cool’s Hot Sauces at the the Holker Hall Chilli Festival in 2016. I’d heard of the sauces by reputation and I was keen to try them out. I picked up a bottle of Fatalii Attraction while I was at the festival and I loved it. I’ve been wanting to try more from the range since.

By chance when I was placing an order with Devon Chilli Man I noticed that Jeepers Reapers Revenge was being sold by him. Not odd considering he supplies the chillies that Daddy Cool makes the sauce with, Carolina Reapers. As I was topping up my hot sauce supplies anyway there really wasn’t any hesitation before I was adding it to my basket.

Before I knew it, it was in my hands. As always when I get a new bottle of sauce I’ve not had before it wasn’t long before the top was being unscrewed and I was taking a good old deep sniff of it. Roast Tomatoes. Instant hit of it. There was no mistaking at all of what this was going to taste of.

As usual with a new sauce I wasn’t going to wait around to taste it. Pretty soon I had a blob of it on my finger to try.

Yeah, it’s hot one alright. It lets you know almost immediately it’s not messing around. You just get a chance to taste roasted tomato and then the heat hits your tongue and escalates immediately. It’s hot. As the heat fades the taste of the roasted tomatoes brings you back down. It is very, fragrant that way. I don’t know of that’s the right way to describe it. I certainly don’t mean it as a bad thing, got to love that roasted taste.

I’m pretty much wondering if Daddy Cool watched Attack of the Killer Tomatoes one too many times and saw it as some kind of challenge to make something deadlier…?

Because, honestly, that is what it feels like. Full frontal Tomato Attack.

A little sticker caught my eye on top of the bottle, “Great Taste 2016”. It turns out that Jeepers Reapers Revenge has won an award in 2016 from the Great Taste Awards, which according to the blurb is basically the Oscars of the Food World.

Jeepers Reapers Revenge Great Taste Award

This means I am not alone in thinking this was a tasty little number then! I do get a little worried sometimes that I’ve killed my last taste bud sometimes; this is reassuring 😉

Something else that I’d noticed before on the label of Fatalii Attraction, Daddy Cool likes to suggest uses for his sauces on the bottle; which I think is a very nice touch indeed. There has been many a time when I’ve had hot sauce and not really known what to do with it (and one of the reasons I like to try and suggest things in reviews).

This being a tomato based one it’s pretty obvious that if you’d happily slap tomato ketchup on it then this would be a nice hot alternative. But other sauces you sometimes don’t know what it’s going to work with.

Not long after I’d bought it, and before it knew it was in my hands ,I was introducing it to the now obligatory Bacon, Sausage and Cheese test. AKA Friday mornings at work.

Daddy Cools Jeepers Reapers Revenge Sauce

I wasn’t shy in slapping it on. Hot tomato sauce with bacon and sausage? Like a marriage made in heaven if ever I heard one. No brainer really. I hadn’t really noticed on my little finger taste but Jeepers Reapers Revenge is actually quite a thick sauce. One of the thickest I’ve come across so far in fact. This is good. I like a good thick sauce.

I took a big old bite of the sandwich, and yes. Luckily, I was right. A perfect, perfect match. The sausage, the bacon and the sauce all working together in my mouth to bring a smile to my face. I love the after roasted after taste of this one and it properly fills your mouth as well so there is no mistaking it.

The one thing I did notice, and, rather quickly was… This one is a grower.

It gets hotter and hotter the more you eat. By the time I came to the end of my bap, well, yeah. I don’t mind admitting. I was feeling the sweat start to build up under my eyes. It’s not often I get that either. An impressive first outing!

One of the suggested uses on the bottle is for fried breakfast. As luck would have it , “Breakfast” came round on the “Tea” rota and so it was the perfect chance to try this out for myself.

Now, I know that bacon and sausage are one of the staples of good old English fried breakfast. And, technically I’d already done that. But I couldn’t help myself and I had to have the full experience.

When I make a fried breakfast, I don’t mess about. It’s the works. Bacon, Sausage, Fried Bread, Hash Browns, Tinned Tomatoes, Baked Beans, Black Pudding, Eggs and a side of toast. And a nice mug of sweet tea to wash it all down with.

And, trust me. I covered it all in Jeepers Reapers Revenge.

Daddy Cool's Chilli Sauce Jeepers Reapers Revenge on Full English Breakfast

Well, except the mug of tea. That would just be too weird. I think… :-/

(Maybe… 😛 )

But as for the rest of it, once again. No regrets. It just made the whole thing better. There wasn’t one time where I thought it didn’t work, just… Well, exquisite.

I had however, once again, underestimated the heat of it. It’s not that it’s “not hot” to start with, but that build it gets going is something to be reckoned with.

In a not so inspired with things to eat for tea one night a few days later I decided it would be time to introduce Jeepers Reapers Revenge to a tin of beans and little sausages. I know, not my finest hour with tea making decisions, but, I didn’t know what I was in the mood for. And, if it helps it wasn’t “just” toast it was a cheese and chutney bread roll that I cut fairly thick.

Jeapers Reepers Revenge

Anyways. By this time I was used to the idea that I’d probably underestimate and gave myself a little blob, just for the taste and a little kick if nothing else.

Jeapers Reepers Revenge

It doesn’t look much, but it was enough. More than enough. I wasn’t at the sweating stage or even close but that flavour it brings with it got a chance to shine even more.

Jeepers Reapers Revenge was impressing me more and more each time.

One of the things I use hot sauce for a lot is pepping up a pizza. But I’ve never but tomato sauce on a pizza, and, I never would. But, I was curious.

And, so on it went.

Jeepers Reapers Revenge on Pizza

One of the hesitations I had was obviously there is a fair old amount of tomato already on a pizza. It doesn’t need anymore and I was worried it wouldn’t really add anything to it other than heat.

I shouldn’t have worried. It was once again, a good solid choice. I loved every single bite of it.

One thing that crossed my mind as I was eating it was how good it’d be on the base of the pizza. Actually in the sauce from the start. I’d never recommend using it as the whole base of the pizza. That’d just be crazy considering the heat build you get, but it is certainly something to think about.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance with this bottle to try the other things Daddy Cool suggests to use it for. I’m not a fan of Pasta dishes so to me that’s a pretty no go area. Chicken dishes as a rule normally means Curry in out household. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it in Chilli Con Carne to spice it up if needs be though (or Curry actually), I can imagine it working really there due to its tomato base.  I guess I’ll get the chance with the next bottle I get 🙂

Daddy Cool invites one and all to suggest uses for his sauces on his site. If you’re stuck for ifeas you really should check it out as it makes for some interesting reading, and some good ideas.

Missed the link? Here > Have another <

In short, this sauce has found a fan in me. It didn’t let me down once. It kicked my behind a few times though, literally. If you’d be happy slapping tomato ketchup on it, this is the extremely hot version, much tastier, version you’ve been wanting. Or, maybe didn’t know you where missing.

I will say this though. Never, ever, under estimate this one Boys and Girls. It’s like a silent, but tasty, smiling assassin.

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