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Review: Southport Chilli Fiesta 2017 Stalls at Southport Chilli Fiesta

There isn’t really a lot that happens in the North West of England when it comes to proper Chilli Festivals and the like. So when something does pop up I like to try and go. I heard about the Southport Chilli Fiesta just a couple of days before it was due to happen.  As it was a nice sunny day (for a change), and my wife was at home (not working for a change) we thought we’d drag the teenage boy out of his room and pop along and see what it was all about.

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Holker Hall Chilli Festival 2016 Holker Hall Chilli Festival

The “Holker Hall Chilli Festival” was music to my ears this first time I heard the phrase. I’ve never made a secret at my disappointment that most Chilli Festivals take place “down South” and normally involve a good couple hours drive for me. Holker Hall is about an hour from me. Naturally, I started to pay attention.

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