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Slow Cooked Curry Recipe Slow Cooked Curry

I know it’s not “Chilli”, but, we all still love our Curries, right? And, you do use Chillies in them, so why not? This is one of my own creation, I guess if you wanted to give it a name then you could call it Vindaloo as it’s tomato based, but, I just call it Curry…

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Home Made Chilli Grinder Sliced Chillies for Oven Drying

So, I’d got a lot of Chillies left over from my recent purchase of super hots, no matter how much I wanted to use them all in Chillies and Curries, it wasn’t ever going to happen. A few of them are already starting to go, well, squishy.

Time to think of something else to do with them.

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Chilli-Con-Carne Recipe – “Slow Cooked Chunky Chilli” (AKA Chilli 2.0)

So, I’d recently bought a Slow Cooker from Tesco and wanted to see how I got one making a Chunky Beef Chilli with it – I’d recently taken part in a Chilli Cook Off in Warrington and had come third so I was looking at a way I could up my Chilli game anyways.

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Chilli-Con-Carne Recipe – “Original Chilli” Chilli Peppers

This is the recipe for my famous (yeah, right) Chilli Recipe that I made for a long time.  Actually, to clarify, it’s the one I took with me to a Chilli Cook Off, before this, there was no ‘recipe’, just stuff I added.

It’s pretty tasty as it stands, however feel free to use it as a base to expand upon – I’d love to hear comments on it from those that make it, good, or bad 🙂

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