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Gardenline 82530 Premium 4 Tier Growhouse Review ALDI Gardenline 82530 Plastic Greenhouse

On a recent shopping trip to ALDI I came across their Summer range for gardens, in amongst it all I saw the Gardenline 82530 Premium 4 Tier Growhouse for sale. It was very reasonably priced at £24.99, I knew I’d need more room eventually and so I decided to add to my Plastic Greenhouse collection. Continue reading

Autumn Update Fidalga Roxa

Well. It’s been a while since I did an update post. Unfortunately, there is a good reason for that. Not really a lot to update on. The season is coming to a close and while I see an almost endless stream of posts on Facebook and Twitter from fellow growers I just seem to be standing around with my hands on my hips looking a bit bewildered.

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Stock Check The Chilli Diaries Greenhouse

Well. It’s been a while since I took stock of what I had growing, I really don’t know any more as I lost some plants in the farce that was my first Greenhouse build of the year and it’s subsequent destruction, even some of the ones I saved lost their labels so I don’t know what they are :-/

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Greenhouse Down, Again. Not Greenhouse 2

So, if you follow me on my Facebook Page or my Twitter Feed then you might have noticed that last Sunday I posted up that I’d built my first Greenhouse of the year. I’d taken pictures, done my bit so I could write a blog about the start of this years “Adventures with a Greenhouse” and all that. But then I started feeling a little ill and came down with a bad cold, so it got put off till I felt more like it, but then, three days later, this happened…

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More Preperation For Next Year – Overwintering Chilli Plants Chilli Peppers

As I managed to successfully overwinter Stumpy last year, I thought I’d have a go at doing it again this year with some other plants, as I’ve mentioned several times already I was late planting mine this year and they’ve only just started to grow really. So, to make sure I’ve got a good head start on next year with growing Chillies, it’s the best option to take what I’ve got already!

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The End is Nigh Tomato Plant

I’m painfully aware that we’re approaching the end of the growing season, just as I seem to be getting going. I always knew that I was late starting, don’t get me wrong I’ve always known I probably wouldn’t see much of a crop this year but now that it’s becoming a reality, not going to lie – I feel a bit let down.

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