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Man vs Aphid: ALL OUT WAR Home Made Bug Spray

So, last year I got upset at the thought of my precious little babies being attacked by Whiteflies, or, Aphid scum as I now call them, in polite company at least, I have other words for my more private moments…

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Polytunnel vs. Storm Emma Polytunnel vs. Storm Emma

And, so, once again. Yet again. I find myself in the postion of pretty much wondering why I bother. My growing attempts with little pieces of plastic.

They never seem to go well. And this year is already shaping up to the same as every other. Yes,  yes – Thanks to Storm Emma, my Polytunnel proved itself to be just as suscepitble to the elements as every practically every other greenhouse I’ve owned.
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The Chilli Experience – Hot Sauce Making Kit Review The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce, as many of us know already, is one way that a Chillihead can get a quick fix of their favourite kinds of food. It’s a quick and easy fix to an otherwise bland meal. There are of course lots of sauces out there for you to buy, however there are some of us that want to try and have a go at making our own.

After a little research some can find this a little daunting, especially for someone who just wants a quick go at it. It’s not that it’s especially hard, it’s just the sheer amount of choice of recipes and methods can leave you scratching your head.

And this is where the Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit comes in.

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Buying Chilli Plants from Garden Centres: Another Cautionary Tale Scotch Bonnet but Bishops Crown

I guess this is a follow up to a Blog I posted last year about buying chilli plant seeds from eBay. Except, well, not quite as focused. I’ve bought chilli plants from Garden Centres quite a few times over the past couple of years. Admittedly, it’s a 50 / 50 split on me actually wanting the plant and me not wanting to see a plant suffer the way they tend to do at the end of the season.

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Gardman 08732 Polytunnel review Gardman 08732 Polytunnel

Being an Urban Gardner I’m kind of limited to what I can grow, or how I can grow at least. Worst still, my back garden is paved with just a border of soil. Since I’ve been growing I’ve been using Plastic Greenhouses, as the strap line says; I got a Greenhouse for my 40th Birthday and these are my adventures with it.

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