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Man vs Aphid: ALL OUT WAR Home Made Bug Spray

So, last year I got upset at the thought of my precious little babies being attacked by Whiteflies, or, Aphid scum as I now call them, in polite company at least, I have other words for my more private moments…

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Buying Super Hot Chillies Buying Super Hot Chillies

As I didn’t have the best of luck growing super hot chillies this year. I needed to some how feed my addiction. But what to do? You can’t just pop to the local Tesco and pick some up whenever you feel like it. Or, well. You kind of can. But that’s not the point. It looks like I’ll be needing to be buying super hot chillies this year!

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Buying Chilli Seeds from eBay: A Cautionary Tale eBay Carolina Reaper from Past Prices

I’ve seen a lot of horror stories this year about people buying Chilli seeds from eBay and the like, and, not getting quite what they hoped for. It seems to be coming out a lot more now that plants are flowering and getting their first pods.

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