Buying Super Hot Chillies

As I didn’t have the best of luck growing super hot chillies this year. I needed to some how feed my addiction. But what to do? You can’t just pop to the local Tesco and pick some up whenever you feel like it. Or, well. You kind of can. But that’s not the point. It looks like I’ll be needing to be buying super hot chillies this year!

I’d managed to whet my whistle for super hots earlier in the year when I called in at Holker Hall Chilli festival. Obviously these didn’t last me very long though.

Holker Hall Chilli Festival

So, now I needed more.

Probably the first course of action to consider when buying super hot chillies is to go to the professionals. I’ve bought a few sauces of Devon Chilli Man in the past and so when I noticed he was selling fresh super hots this year I couldn’t help but order some in.

Devon Chilli Mans Box of Pain

Once again I was impressed with the speed in which I got these. My second order arrived the very next day, on a Saturday. Kind of impressive to think that the pods were hanging on a plant in Devon one day and in my kitchen the next!

Many super hot chillies look the same. To an inexperienced eye they all can be hard to differentiate. Thankfully he’d taken time to label them in one way or another. The first time they came with little labels on them.

Buying Super Hot Chillies

The second lot came in little paper bags, like little bags of toffee hell.

Buying Super Hot Chillies

Can’t get better than that!

It’s probably worth a mention that since I’d tried the Carolina Reaper from Tesco earlier in the year and discovered I could get away with using four of them in my chilli-con-carne. This became my method of trying new super hots. If I could handle four of the hottest without, problems, then its pretty safe to assume I can handle four of other varieties, right?

When I tried it with some Butch T Scorpion chillies that I’d been sent they took things to a whole new heat level. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance when it comes to eating chillies, my last taste bud does me proud. But they took me right to the edge of my tolerance. I really did get to the point of not wanting to eat anymore by the time I got to the end of my meal.

Of course when it comes to buying super hot chillies then variety really is literally the spice of life. As good as the Devon Chilli Mans pods are, there are more out there to try!

Last year I bought some in, this year I’d have to do the same. But were to get them? Well, if you’re on Facebook there are plenty of growers with Chilli pages. Or, if you’re a member of one of the many Facebook Chilli Growing Groups then you’ll probably happen across people selling pods at the end of the growing year. Many people do this as a way to fund their grows. Growing isn’t always cheap, especially when you’ve got lighting to pay for and nutrients.

In fact one very kind Gentleman and keen grower from these groups saw me make a post about a particular Chilli on my Facebook page, Charapita he very kindly offered just to send me some…

Which was amazingly kind of him. What was even better was that he didn’t just send me those to try. He sent me a box full of other stuff!

Chillies in a box

It was filled with all kinds of Chillies Peach Sugar Rush, Scotch Bonnets, Peach Habanero and Alien Naga to name but as few. Some I’d never even heard of before; Bhut Jolokia Assam, Clockwork Orange, Erotico and Birgits Locato again to name just a few.

(The Charapita / Carioca was delicious by the way)

Prices of these boxes vary from person to person but they’re all roughly the same and they are a great way to try new chillies. There really are some amazing new tastes to discover and explore once you get into this range of the Scoville scale.

Of course, the other advantage to this is. If your buying super hot chillies, you’re also buying super hot chilli seeds.

Super Hot Chilli Seeds

Considering the price some seeds go for your more than likely going to get your moneys worth from buying pods just in seed value alone. Of course there are no guarantees with these that what you plant is what you get. There is a good chance though so it’s still well worth the effort.

The chances are that you’ll end up with more chillies than you can handle. Unless you’re some kind of deviant. I find a dehydrator very useful this time of year 😉

Dehydrated Super Hot Chillies

I do also know that may reputable growers of chillies sell on eBay and Amazon as well. I’d urge you to do you research as to who is selling them. Also bear in mind that both these options incur fees to the seller so it’s much better to find the source directly.

Please do remember though when your buying super hot chillies that these things aren’t to be trifled with. They’re called super hot, because that’s what they are. They should always be handled with respect. And, gloves.

Especially if you’re rooting around inside them for seeds.

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