And, sow it begins again…

Did you see what I did there? No? Never mind…

OK, January is here, time to get this years crop ready for, well. I would say my Greenhouse but let’s not bring that back up… I will however be growing Chillies, one way or another.

I’ve actually plenty of seeds to choose from this year, the ones I bought last year, that where bought for, the ones I bought off eBay and of course the seeds I’ve saved as well.

Chilli Seeds

The seeds I’ve saved myself, I’m not sure about those with cross pollination so I’m going to sort of favour the ones I’ve bought in as I’m more sure about those. Not that the ones I saved won’t grow but, they might not be what I get.

First things first. Fill the seed pots up with soil. I hate this part, it’s boring, much as it’s necessary I don’t want to do this at all. Twenty of the little blighters to do, but it probably took me longer to stare at them and complain how much I didn’t want to do it, than actually fill them up.

Seed Pots

Next, to select which seeds I’m going to grow.

I’m going with the none Chilli stuff first. Cumin, Coriander, Bell Peppers, Beef Steak Tomatoes and Strawberries. With the obvious exception of the Strawberries I use a lot of the other ingredients in my cooking, Cumin, more than anything else. And now that I can make my own spice powders, why not?

The Strawberries? Well, they’re for the kids 😉

One of the things I had a problem with last year with growing from seeds, is that it didn’t really work out too well. I had a tray of twenty pots just like this and only two grew.

However, I did have some success in just throwing a load of seeds into a pot randomly, so, this year…

5 Seeds to a Pot

5 seeds in each pot. I do realise that if each and every seed grows I could end up with 100 plants, but, we’ll deal with that if it comes up. [ahem]

I just laid them all out like that and then pushed them a couple of millimetres down with the end of my pencil and then covering them back up. Well, perhaps not all as neat as that 😉

As for the Chillies I planted? Well.

Planted Chilli Seeds

Front to back, left to right…

Filius Blue, Bulgarian Carrot, Jalapeño, Carolina Reaper, Cherry Bomb

Chocolate Ghost, Yellow Moruga, Peter (Penis) Chilli, Scorpion F1, Lemon Drop

Yellow Devils Tongue, White Bhut Jolokia, Purple Cayenne, Pink Tiger, Peach Habanero

Cumin, Beef Tomato, Coriander, Bell Peppers, Strawberries

Suffice to say, it’s going to get colourful this year 😉

Next up, I had some seed discs that my wife kindly picked up for me on one of her trips to a craft store (I do things with Chillies, she does things with buttons).

Seed Disc Potting

I’d already planted some Jalapeño so I didn’t bother with those, I just did the Cayenne, Anaheim and Habanero ones. The Jalapeño can serve as back up if the others don’t want to play.

And so there we have it, my new Chilli Army waiting to arise… With a few interlopers…

New Chilli Army

No doubt I’ll get over excited and plant some more soon, I’ve still that I bought in from eBay and some that I’ve saved that I’m itching to plant, but, I’m on my way now, that’s all that matters for today 🙂

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