And so, the 2017 season draws to a close…

The 2017 growing season is coming to an end. Some might say it’s already ended. Some, like me are desperately hoping for a last minute wave of sun.

It’s not been a bad year for me, all things considered. It’s not been great either. I had an incredible (by my standards) start to the year.

Start of the year

But then, disaster struck.


I didn’t give up, but, my heart wasn’t quite in it the same. That’s not quite true. Some days I was optimistic and exited by the idea of growing blind. Other days I didn’t see the point.

And now that it’s nearly all done and dusted?

Well. I’ve had fun, I guess.

Despite everything that has happened I’ve probably ended up with my best crop of Chillies so far out of the three years of growing.

I’ve had some crackers as well.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you’ll have no doubt seen me posting about my ‘Twisty Turny Curly Wurly” chillies more than once.

Peach Sugar Rush Twisty

I took a guess at them being Peach Sugar Rush, but none of the pictures I could find online could verify that for me. Most of the pictures I found where of thick bullet shaped pods. So I was left kind of hanging, half convinced I was right but nothing to back me up. It wasn’t ill mid September I saw another Chilli Grower post up some pictures on the South Lincs Chilli Boys Facebook page of “Peach Sugar Rush Twisty” that I was able to confirm my suspicions.

These things have been a blast to grow in all honesty. They come on quick as well!

Peach Sugar Rush Twisty

I said I wasn’t going to save seed this year because I couldn’t be 100% sure what I had. I broke that rule for these long before I had confirmation as they really are a great grow. Instantly hit every target I have for “Grow every year” as well.

A plant I could identify has also done spectacularly well, Trinidad Perfume.

Trinidad Perfume

I ended up with a lot of these in the end. They are supposed to taste like a Habanero, but with no heat. The no heat part is definitely correct, not so sure about the Habanero part. They tasted more like a Sweet Pepper than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, there is a hint of “chilli” about them but not as much as I’d have liked. Certainly not a “swap” for a chilli as I’d hoped.

Dorset Naga have been another good grow for me this year as well.

Dorset Naga

I think these qualify as my first “Super Hot” grow as well. Pretty chuffed about these actually, they became one of my favourite chillies to cook with last year quite quickly. They might even replace Scotch Bonnets if they where easier to get hold of!

Another identifiable plant I had a lot of luck with was Aji Limon.

Aji Limon

I normally end up with four or five to a plant, but this time I’ve four of five plants (well, four) all bursting with them! They seem to be acting a little weird, they are taking it in turns to ripen off one fruit at a time. I’m not bothered, they can take as much as time as they want.

Cherry Bombs have also been in abundance this year, again multiple plants with multiple fruit.

Cherry Bomb

Another “easy grow” these things. Incidentally, that plant is the one I repaired earlier in the year, it’s not a great picture but if you look you’ll see that there was minimal leaf loss on it, and it has actually grown some new ones to boot!

A “favourite to look at, but not so much taste” this year has been Black Pearl.

Black Pearl Chilli

These things are GORGEOUS to look at, plant and fruit. But, can’t say as they taste amazing. Sort of like a cucumber. With very little heat. I have a lot of these fruits as well but I’ve not decided on what to do with them. Quite tempted just to dip them in chocolate and have them as little sweets.

Speaking of Chocolate…

Chocolate Habanero

My Chocolate Habanero plant has been doing well for itself this year. Not massive fruit, but it’s been very productive. I’ve two of these, one is a HUGE plant, but, it’s barely done anything. The smaller plant has been the one to pump them all out.

As to be expected… I’ve had success with lots of other plants as well, I’ve just no real clue what they are.

This thing was HUGE. And took an age to turn ripe.


The plant that produced this, produced a LOT of them. I thought at first they where Aji Armarillo, but, I don’t think so. They went red and not orange for a start.

Unknown 2

Best guess for this one is Pimenta de Trepaderia Werner as noted by a follower on my Facebook page. Still waiting for it to ripen to see if it goes red. I might be waiting for a while…


Another best guess, Trinidad Scorpion. Actually, don’t know if that’s a guess or a hunch. Definitely say some kind of super hot though. The plant is covered in fruit, all quite small but this triangular shape.


I found this lurking in the back of one of the greenhouses. Again, no clue what it is, but it looks Gnarly.


The amount of plants that look like this is ridiculous. Obviously some kind of Habanaero type plant but as to what they all are is anyone’s guess.


And, if it wasn’t hard enough to work out what each type of plant is…

Yup. Two pod types, one plant. Two round ball things and two bullet shaped things. How can I even attempt to guess at that??

There was another “I wish I knew what these are” moment with another plant.

Red Beauties

I think these are with Hungarian Black or Royal Black. I’m not sure so for now I’m calling them Red Beauties, because they are gorgeous. I tried and tried to get a picture that did them justice and that was the best I could manage. They’re a brilliant red with a Black shimmer to them.

I might also have saved their seed… 😉

Of course, we can’t forget about Stumpy.

The Stumpster has been a legend this year. If not a little different. He didn’t grow any big leaves and drop them. He grew small leaves and kept them for the most part. He also blessed me with more fruit than he ever has before!


In fact on his first go, I ended up with 9 fruits, all ripe.

Stumpy Fruit

I was over the moon. But. And aint there always one of those?

Can you guess how many seeds I got out of that lot? I’ll give you a clue…

This was the common factor among all the fruit…

Stumpy No Seed

No seed 🙁

In any of them.

Still. I eventually got to make a Chilli-Con-Carne with the fruit of Stumpy, which, I guess is a start!

Stumpy Con Carne

He shall, of course be brought in the house over winter. Hopefully he’ll live to fight another year. I can’t see why not at this point to be honest, and, if I don’t get seed next year I shall be making a cutting to see if I can get another plant from him that way. Stumpy must live on!

I guess I’ve had a good year, mostly – It’s not quite over but we’re definitely in the final throws of it. All my plants are still going, and for the moment still ripening off so I’ve still got a reason to make a trip outside on a daily basis. Sure the pickings are getting slimmer and slimmer but there are pickings to be had all the same.

2018 has been given “Year of the Pepper” status by Fleuroselect Home Garden Association, if that isn’t given us all something to look forward to for next year then I don’t know what will!

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2 thoughts on “And so, the 2017 season draws to a close…

  1. Mark Willis

    I think you have done very well in the circumstances! And probably learned a lot about how to recognise chilli plants based on some fairly scant evidence… “There’s always next year”, as they say.

    1. Paul Speight Post author

      Coming from you Mark, I’ll take that as a massive compliment, thanks!

      Do feel I’ve learnt a bit about “what to look for” when it comes to different types of chillies, but, I’ve also learnt how similar they can be as well :-/

      Already planning next year, I’ve new seeds and new toys to play with! 🙂


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