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The Chilli Experience – Hot Sauce Making Kit Review The Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce, as many of us know already, is one way that a Chillihead can get a quick fix of their favourite kinds of food. It’s a quick and easy fix to an otherwise bland meal. There are of course lots of sauces out there for you to buy, however there are some of us that want to try and have a go at making our own.

After a little research some can find this a little daunting, especially for someone who just wants a quick go at it. It’s not that it’s especially hard, it’s just the sheer amount of choice of recipes and methods can leave you scratching your head.

And this is where the Chilli Experience Hot Sauce Making Kit comes in.

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Devon Chilli Man – Box of Pain Devon Chilli Man Box of Pain

Devon Chilli Man Box of Pain. The name says it all. Devon Chilli Man is probably known best in the Chilli Growing Community for being one of the biggest UK growers of Carolina Reapers. But he does grow other interesting Chillies as well, and he’ll happily send you a box in exchange for a few of your hard earned pennies in the form of one of his Boxes of Pain.

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Gardman 08732 Polytunnel review Gardman 08732 Polytunnel

Being an Urban Gardner I’m kind of limited to what I can grow, or how I can grow at least. Worst still, my back garden is paved with just a border of soil. Since I’ve been growing I’ve been using Plastic Greenhouses, as the strap line says; I got a Greenhouse for my 40th Birthday and these are my adventures with it.

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Review: Devon Chilli Man – Devon 7 Devon Chilli Man Devon 7 Hot Sauce

Devon 7? A strawberry based hot sauce from the Devon Chilli Man you say? Well, I’ll have some of that! After discovering the Devon Chilli Mans peach sauce, Smack m’ Peach Up was just as delicious as I’d hoped I was soon back on his website looking for more tasty treats for my taste bud.
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Review: Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce – Jeepers Reapers Revenge Daddy Cools Jeepers Reapers Revenge Sauce

Jeepers Reapers Revenge is a sauce I’ve had my eye on for a while if I’m honest. I first came across Daddy Cool’s Hot Sauces at the the Holker Hall Chilli Festival in 2016. I’d heard of the sauces by reputation and I was keen to try them out. I picked up a bottle of Fatalii Attraction while I was at the festival and I loved it. I’ve been wanting to try more from the range since.
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Review: 101 Chillies to Try Before You Die 101 Chillies to Try Before You Die

101 Chillies to Try Before You Die by David Floyd is a book that came out in mid 2016. David is something of a legend in the UK Chilli Scene. It’s probably fair to say that he was instrumental in bringing a lot of the “chilli” things we take for granted today to the forefront. David is also one of the original members of the now defunct Chile Foundry website, one of the first chilli sites I bookmarked. I’m guessing I’m not the only one to do that.

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Review: Southport Chilli Fiesta 2017 Stalls at Southport Chilli Fiesta

There isn’t really a lot that happens in the North West of England when it comes to proper Chilli Festivals and the like. So when something does pop up I like to try and go. I heard about the Southport Chilli Fiesta just a couple of days before it was due to happen.  As it was a nice sunny day (for a change), and my wife was at home (not working for a change) we thought we’d drag the teenage boy out of his room and pop along and see what it was all about.

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Review: Devon Chilli Man – Smack m’ Peach Up. Devon Chilli Man Smack m' Peach Up Hot Sauce

Smack m’ Peach Up is everything you need to know about a Hot Sauce in one, unrelenting name. You get a Devon Chilli Man, a Peach; show it some honey and then you smack it around a bit with a Jay’s Peach chilli till it’s hot. The result? Well, let’s find out!

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Holker Hall Chilli Festival 2016 Holker Hall Chilli Festival

The “Holker Hall Chilli Festival” was music to my ears this first time I heard the phrase. I’ve never made a secret at my disappointment that most Chilli Festivals take place “down South” and normally involve a good couple hours drive for me. Holker Hall is about an hour from me. Naturally, I started to pay attention.

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