Another Chilli Plant at Work…

So, last year I decided to take some plants in to the house when it started getting colder at night. This year I’m, discreetly, doing the same. I also took a plant to work to overwinter there…

It did quite well for itself and is still to do this day popping off little pods…

Cheryl Chilli

I found two more on Monday just gone, and there are about eight more of a similar size.

The office obviously favours Chilli Plants, and it gives us a talking point sometimes.

So, this year, I’ve taken another 😉

Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Around this time last year, a friend of mine at work randomly walked past my desk and dropped some Ghost Chilli seeds down in front of me.

I was quite chuffed with that to be honest. Not often you get a random present in the middle of the day after all!

Especially at work!

Not long after my friend found himself another job and off he toddled to pastures new. (Abandoning me to do our brew run on my own in the process!)

I didn’t hold this against him. Too much. For long.

So, when it came to plant this years plants, I used them as part of my Stewart Garden Propagator Experiment.

Bhut Jolokia Seedlings

I used five like I almost always do, and, got four seedlings in return.

Bhut Jolokia Seedlings

Unfortunately after this, like many of my other plants, they didn’t fare so well and growth was slow.

Cutting a short tragic summer out…

This morning I took one to work with me!

Bhut Jolokia

It wouldn’t fit in the cup holder like last time so I secured it with a seat belt and off we toddled up the Motorway.

Chilli Plant at work 2

And soon it was sat on my desk!

It’s like having a little piece of my friend back at work! The plant soon earned the nick name “Little Jim”, uhm, as my friend is called Jim.

For some reason when he found out he insisted I call it “Little Jim – The Paul Walker Tribute Tree”.

He used this as justification for it…

(Pretty sure he knows it’s not the fruit he’s talking about, but…)

So, anyways. That’s how it is now known…

Little Jim The Paul Walker Tribute Tree

Well. Except the tribute bit. That wouldn’t fit on the tag.

So there we have it. Another year, another chilli plant at work!

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